I have always struggled shopping in department stores. I usually end up walking out with nothing because I’m either frustrated or overwhelmed. I love the service Bernard offers. He comes to my office when my work day is complete and in about 30 minutes I can get all of my clothes shopping done! It takes me longer to drive to the mall. Why try on different outfits when he has measured you to perfection at your first meeting? Pick out the material and pattern and your done. 6 week’s later (at my office) we do a fitting and he then makes the little changes that will make it perfect. The quality is unparalleled, his service is peerless, and the clothes he creates fit perfectly. I used to always wear scrubs, however the clothes I’ve gotten from Bernard are more comfortable than the scrubs. I tell him “thank you” all the time but I do not think his humility allows him to fully understand how appreciative I truly am and how great I think he is at his craft. They only made one Bernard, feel very fortunate if you are ever one of his clients.