Over the years, I have worked with many different tailors across a broad range, and I believe Bernard is very good.  He is very detail-oriented and honest, among other qualities.  From him, you can order clothes in the exact same fabrics as in many high-end retail stores and tailor shops at a lower price. he is very experienced and knowledgeable, and he can, as you know, come to the office or, if you prefer, meet at a nearby tailor shop on Wilshire Boulevard.  I have never regretted (other than running out of room in my closet).

Daniel G. Kolder MD

I have always struggled shopping in department stores. I usually end up walking out with nothing because I’m either frustrated or overwhelmed. I love the service Bernard offers. He comes to my office when my work day is complete and in about 30 minutes I can get all of my clothes shopping done! It takes me longer to drive to the mall. Why try on different outfits when he has measured you to perfection at your first meeting? Pick out the material and pattern and your done. 6 week’s later (at my office) we do a fitting and he then makes the little changes that will make it perfect. The quality is unparalleled, his service is peerless, and the clothes he creates fit perfectly. I used to always wear scrubs, however the clothes I’ve gotten from Bernard are more comfortable than the scrubs. I tell him “thank you” all the time but I do not think his humility allows him to fully understand how appreciative I truly am and how great I think he is at his craft. They only made one Bernard, feel very fortunate if you are ever one of his clients.

David Marroso

“Bernard’s attention to detail is the difference. From fabric to fit, he does not stop until I am fully satisfied.”

Joel Weinstein

Bernard’s knowledge of fabrics and style is outstanding.  His  attention to details and service cannot be surpassed. He always  coordinates his schedule to meet mine and all these qualities make him my choice.

Chris Tayback

I have bought fine shirts and suits from Bernard Burger for many years.  He’s the best.  My appearance is important for what I do, and I can always be certain that Bernard will make sure my attire is fashionable, appropriate, comfortable and of the highest quality.  He’s also a terrific guy to work with!

Don Hankey

I don’t have time to shop so I use Bernard Bespoke!
Tailoring is first class!
Service is first class!
Prices are competitive!
Product is excellent!
Plus, unlike some other tailor made clothes the product does not sit in your closest.  It gets used!


Bernard has been absolutely outstanding. When i needed him he always has come through in a big way! I know
that if you create your look with Bernard, you will be just as satisfied as I have been throughout the years.
I highly recommend Bernard’s Bespoke….