Maintaining a sense of style during covid-19
Working remotely from home has become the new norm for many of us and the way we dress has also changed. Although we are not wearing what we normally wear to the office or to face to face meetings with clients and associates outside the office, it’s still important to maintain one’s personal style, and not slip into becoming someone we aren’t.
Let’s examine some alternatives to the total “pandemic wear” that can easily let us slip badly in ou personal appearance and style. While it’s important to maintain a business wardrobe for when we get back to the office at some point, we must also be careful to adjust that wardrobe to what will become the new normal in business wear for most industries. That wardrobe will be one more geared to sport jackets with beautiful shirts and slacks. Pocket handkerchiefs should be nicely coordinated, especially when not wearing a tie. On the other hand, there is no substitute for a suit when the occasion calls for it, and that should always be worn with a tie when attending business meetings. When at home in Zoom meetings with colleagues or clients, it’s important to maintain a professional appearance, as well. A sharp looking dress shirt with French cuffs, or a smart looking solid or check button up sport shirt for team meetings with colleagues is a good choice. If you aren’t on any virtual meeting but are working at home on the computer, it’s still a good idea to maintain some sort of personal style, if just for yourself and your family. Looking like you just rolled out of bed in sweats isn’t conducive to producing quality work from home.
Let’s all look forward to getting back to the office soon.
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