Here at Bernard's Bespoke, our customers are our top priority. Here are just a few kind words left by our very valuable customers.


"...His careful attention to detail, fit and finish as well as materials, makes it a pleasure to wear hand made tailored clothing. I trust Bernard's sense of style and discerning taste in fashion."

Lee Perlman
Chairman and CEO
New Age Electronics

"Bernard has provided custom suit tailoring for roughly 15 years, the quality of fabric and the "fit' remain on par with excellence. Simply stated, the extent of fabrics to choose from in both the spring and fall remain extensive, the end result of the process is a suit or sport coat with lasting features. "

Ronald L. Buss
Buss-Shelger Associates

"Everywhere I go people comment on how nice my wardrobe looks. So thank you Bernard for being so good at what you do."

Brian Troop
Troop Real Estate

"The quality of fabrics and tailoring is well above that of those expensive department store offerings, yet his prices are well below them. "

John J. Kemp
Kemp Ford
Thousand Oaks

"What distinguishes him and makes me a loyal customer for twenty years for all of my suits and most of my shirts is the enthusiam and creativity that Bernard shares about his craft, and that he helps me to share in and enjoy."

Edwin B. Reeser III
Managing Partner
Los Angeles office

The service you provide with respect to fine clothing has no peers. Your responsiveness, taste, recommendations and trend knowledge has always been very helpful to keep my look fashionable.

Tom Iino
Deloitte & Touche

"Wearing the new suit today. Have a meeting with Antonio Villaraigosa. Had three people already comment how great it looks. Wearing white shirt so the color 'pops' as you put it."

"Damn, you are good!"

Edwin B. Reeser